FAQ Glossary

Title Definition
Condensing Fan Motor The Condensing Fan Motor is the motor that is attached to the top of your condensing unit.
Air Handler The Air Handler is the piece of equipment installed in the inside of your home that blows air through your house. Sometimes installed in the garage, attic, or the interior of your home. It is composed of a coil and a fan and controlled by a thermostat. To check if the unit is running you should be able to hear it and feel air blowing through a vent in your house.
how do i know my air-handler is running You can hear the motor running and you should feel air coming through the vents in your house.
Condensing Unit The condensing unit is the piece of equipment that is installed on the exterior of your home if you have a split system.
Evaporator Motor The evaporator motor is the motor that blows air out of your vents in your home. Located in the air handler, furnace, or package unit.
HVAC HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning