Voltage issue or freon issue with condensing unit.

   If you have arrived to a voltage or freon issue where your condenser is not running while set to cool, you could have a high voltage, low voltage problem or freon issue.

   Examples of high voltage problems

  • Bad Breaker
  • Burned High Voltage Wire
  • Bad Control Board or Electrical Component

   Examples of low voltage problems

  • Bad Thermostat
  • Broken Thermostat Wire
  • Blown Low Voltage Fuse
  • Bad Low Voltage Transformer
  • Bad Control Board

  A freon issue could be causing your condensing unit to not run as well. If your condenser is equipped with pressure switches it running to low of a pressure or too high a pressure can lock it out. A service technician is going to be needed to come out and troubleshoot your problem.

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