My condensing coils are coming apart and corroding, does this hurt my air conditioning system?

  When your condensing coils become corroded or start falling apart this starts to hurt the efficiency of the condensing coils. Inefficient condensing coils can negatively impact refrigerant pressures and negatively impacting the efficiency of your whole air conditioning system. One of the main things damaged or corroded condensing coils cause is a high head pressure. When the coil is corroded or the aluminum fins start coming off this doesnt allow for the condensing coil to diffuse the hot gas properly. This can make the head pressure run too high causing the high pressure switches to kick out shutting off your system. It can also cause the compressor to pull too high of an amp draw causing it to run to hot and go out on heat overload. If your system is not working properly and the coils are corroded, it should be inspected be a hvac technician. They should be able to determine if the corroded coils are the root of your problem. When the coils become so inefficient that your system stops running correctly the best thing to do is look into having your condensing coils replaced or replace your system.
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