How do I defrost my unit if it is frozen up set to cooling?

 If your system is freezing up, the best thing to do is turn the system setting to off and set the fan to the on position. This will allow air to pass across the evaporator coil and melt the ice without the compressor running creating more ice. Then check your systems air filter. A dirty air filter will cause your system to freeze up. If you find that your system's air filter is dirty replace it and continue with defrosting it. Before trying to run your system again on cool, all ice needs to have melted off your system. Allow an hour for all the ice to melt off your system. Once all ice is off the system set the system back to cool and run the system. If you didnt have a dirty filter or ice starts to bulid on the system again, a service technician will be needed to diagnose the system for the problem.
 Some common causes of a system freezing up are : 
- A dirty air filter, restricting airflow into your unit.
- A dirty coil, restricting airflow in a similar situation to a dirty filter.
- A collapsed duct.
- A problem with your evaporator motor, which controls the amount of airflow through your unit.
- Freezing up can also be caused by freon problems such as low refrigerant charge, or refrigerant flow problems. 
Please see the "What is freezing up?
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